Our Local Businesses

Logan has a great business community that work together in order to create success. Our businesses work hand-in-hand with the Cache Chamber of Commerce to provide networking and business growth opportunities.

The Cache Chamber of Commerce believes that the Cache County should have a strong, diversified economy by increasing high quality employment opportunities and improving standards of living. The community should encourage and capitalize on individual and business creativity, innovation, and inventiveness.

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Rendezvous Startup Series

Rendezvous is a series of lectures whose goal is to boost Cache Valley local startups. Help us start up Logan by joining us every 1st and 3rd Wednesday at 8:30 am. There, you can meet the local makers and founders who are striving to make Logan an even better community.

We have had some great local startups here in the valley come speak. It is great to be able to hear about their road to success. So far, we have already heard from the founders of Tie Your Socks, Mugg Cocoa & Donuts, and Outdoor Industry Student Association. To learn more about these great startups that have attended and to see who else we have on our calendar, please visit http://www.rndzvs.co